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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Valentine's Day Treat

I've enjoyed chatting with friends who were kind enough to share their true Valentine's Day sentiments - the hoopla, extravaganza - romantic and thrilling,  for some. Me? I stood at the door, waving. My daughter and her buds helped chaperone a ballet babysitting fundraiser/party; my husband took my son to a concert deemed by the music critic as ideal for those inclined to wear their heart - and/or spleen on their valentine sleeve, music befitting the original ancient Roman Lupercalia festival, a raucous affair involving goat-skin whips and fertility chants. Ahem.
I ate red licorice and watched Sweet Home Alabama. Again. I love when Reese Witherspoon decks Candice Bergen. Anyway, about 30 minutes in, unable to prop open my eyes, I went to bed with a good book and promptly fell asleep.
But I was honored!  I felt loved! My daughter made a poster-sized card wishing me a Happy Day and my son made me a Rice Krispie... treat. (I tinted it pink for visibility of the detail). Did he use a recipe? Heck no, in the spirit of a true creative, he poured, heated and stirred until it met with his satisfaction. And then we adorned it with Christmas sprinkles. My wonderful husband bought me a Moleskin sketch book and a watercolor pad, such treats for the artistic sweet tooth.
Then, last night, we wound up at a restaurant, my son and I played football with a straw wrapper, my daughter rolled her eyes while I picked apart the plot of the movie we'd seen (Confessions of a Shopaholic) my husband debated the dessert offerings... He and I noted what a genuinely pleasant time we were having - who cares that it was a routine Monday night? I'll take them whenever they fall into my lap.
However you celebrated I hope your weekend - and the coming days - are sweet and satisfying!


Karin said...

I can feel the warmth and love of family swirling :) and the creative pink ooey gooey treats are some how nauseatingly enticing!! Glad to hear you had such a much deserved nice weekend.
❤ Karin

My Vintage Studio said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I agree...I would take any pleasant time with DH! Hope you have a wonderful week. Hugs, Sharon


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