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Friday, February 20, 2009

For all Chronic Babes out there...

There's a site for those of us with Chronic Illnesses. Invisible ones that is - the kind that alter your life and then add the mockery of no telltale evidence to explain why the handicap tag swings from the rearview. The latest post is on fibro, which, being relatively new in its discovery/diagnosis cycle, is often called into question by a segment of the medical community. I'm glad I don't have that one. More than one of my closest friends do though, one of whom has no other auto-immune disorders to cushion her from the harshness of the blank stares she's often met with when she 'crashes.' 
We all have our own lingo for hitting the brick wall, that moment when the flu symptoms hammer down and there's only one option - bed. I've been at this a while and I've practiced my pacing - most days that doesn't happen until six or seven in the evening. But the flurry of activity on the barometer damns most of my best efforts and I've had a few zingers lately. No pity parties here though; since I've taken the visual journaling workshop I've discovered a more portable art and even though I can't focus my vision, at all, I can do a bit of shading and 'doodling' albeit at a slow pace.
If you're one of us, the sisterhood of artists who also share chronic illness, take a look at their site. Lots of good stuff! Have a brick-free day!


My Vintage Studio said...

Wishing you a great weekend! This blog is great and been reading it of months now. Brick wall - great term for energy crash!

Forget Me Not Dreams said...

I too am blog hopping tonight. I'm glad I found you and your comment on Chronic Babes!! Being a Fibro Babe, it is nice to know that someone out there understands and appreciates the "invisibility" of a chronic illness and how it can change a life. I will continue to read your blog and enjoy it!


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