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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Creativity, the Mystery of Muse

Thanks to Lani for sharing this amazing take on the muse, the daemon that visited ancient Greeks on their quested for creative enlightenment. Or not. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, One Woman's Search for Everything... across Italy, India and Indonesia, examines her skyrocket journey to unexpected publishing success - over 5 million copies in print, NYT best seller list, etc. etc. and whether or not that is a good thing, a frightening thing or just frightening. 
That most of us have a smidge of fear, whether of failure or success is a given; but on her site (click on the book/link) the 10 most asked questions of the award-winning fiction writer mention of fear only in the context of traveling alone safely and then, returning to the daily grind after such an amazing journey. People want to know where she found the pizza in Italy and how they might meet the healer, the medicine man, find the Ashram. Nothing about whether her heart clenches as she tightens up the final draft of her 'next' book. The one that comes next, which will be referred to, as she wryly ponders the fate of every future book as 'the one that comes after.'   Spoiler Alert: Gilbert acknowledges the reality that her life's greatest accomplishment may well be behind her. What then? Well, you'll just have to watch and find out.
While you're browsing, visit Lani the Puppetmaker on her incredible blog, where treasures, delights and happiness - salve for fear or just a plain old bad mood can be found on a regular basis.

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Lucy said...

I think the fear of having your greatest accomplishment already behind you, is something I can totally relate to. It can sometimes hinder you from moving forward as much as it can drive you to forge ahead anyway.


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