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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Peeling Paint

Playing around in Photoshop again... a bit of cabin fever perhaps? I was on the Inspire Me Thursday site, where last week's challenge - Peeling Paint - is still posted. So, I decided to rummage around for a starting point - and found an image I took last fall of a shutter. I've always been drawn to weathered wood, rusted metal, cracking finishes of any sort really. I hadn't ever thought of using this photo for a challenge but it seemed to fit, so I added flowers to the window section and brushed on a border treatment. 
The flower is wishful thinking - we've been immersed in an icy, white world for nearly a week now - our annual storm. We've been fortunate enough to have power, unlike over 500,000 people in Kentucky who are without, including my dear friend, Kym, and her daughter, my daughter's bff, who are staying with us. My son and his posse tromp through fairly often, so we've had a houseful. 
A mound of bacon and platter of pancakes this morning - a rare treat here (I had my usual cereal... boring) and I'm getting ready to put on a big pot of soup and fix another batch of hot cocoa to thaw the kids. Did I mention they've been out of school all week? And they've already announced closing for tomorrow... So I might sneak off to the Altered Attic to work on my third week's Visual Journaling assignment, which is doodling (my brain is beginning to feel a bit doodly), with thoughts of warmer times.


s.l.greek said...

wow- you folks have your hands full with the wacky weather. it sounds like you are making the best of things. love your post image peeling paint front and centered. great combo image.

not that we have much sunshine, but i'm vibing you a little of our CA warmer weather. take care

Nedko Nedkov / Недко Недков said...

Very nice blog!
All the best,


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