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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Laugh Much

Another in the series - supposed to have a rich crimson-purple background, instead of, well, whatever color this is. It imparts the general idea though, another of the sentiments that I loved about that Christmas card I cut apart. 

I hope you are all enjoying a bit of rest,  peaceful, slow days that follow the hectic, harried pace leading up to the holidays. Whatever it takes to recharge and renew your spirit. 

Only 3 days to the new year? I know it's corny, but I'm making my list of resolutions; if you are, I hope you put creating at the top of your list!

p.s. images  used for this series purchased from ArtChix Studios


Anonymous said...

Love your collage, it's fabulous! Ah, the New Year, hard to believe it's almost here. Never been one for resolutions, but I'll definitely be focusing on creativity in the coming year. Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

Anonymous said...

A very lovely piece! Seeing that sentiment right now is a confirmation for me. I haven't been feeling up to par and I'm thinking one of my resolutions needs to be to take much better care of myself. Then something I read this morning stood out more so than usual. It was that old saying about laughter being the best medicine. So seeing this sentiment here right now tells me to pay attention to that message and inject more laughter into my days. And, oh yes, crafting and creating is at the top of the resolutions list!

katie jane said...

Creating is at the very top of my list. I have taken the down time after Christmas to knuckle down and get busy producing in my studio. I started with a new permanent banner for my blog instead of changing photos every few weeks. I feel this give me a center, a springboard for new avenues for myself in 2009. I hope you have a good holiday.

katie jane said...

P.S. I forgot to mention that I love this littley series that you are doing.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I am putting creating at the top of my list! Wonderful art series! I am trying to rest but there are so many people I want to see and go play with that I am using up my down time quickly. Have a blessed New Year Patti! Love Katie


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