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Friday, November 14, 2008

My First Holiday Show

Last night Traditional Bank hosted their first annual "Connections... Holiday Bazaar." We have had a relationship with the bank as both a customer and vendor (they have been an EdmonDesign graphic design/marketing client) for more than a dozen years; when we started working together I established a very fabulous friendship with my contact there, who is now the president - and still one of my all time favorite people.
The event was designed to bring community women in, serve them fabulous food and wine and offer a selection of holiday gift and decor items, from jewelry and giftware to catering, skin care and a variety of specialty items. And, they were kind enough to invite me to display my Altered Attic holiday art. Jim also framed several of his illustrations to add a little variety to the scene.
Each booth was 'personed' by women, in my case our business manager Kristyn, me and Alice, my wonderful daughter, without whom I could not have managed - let me tell you, that one is an entrepreneur, artist, detail person and all-around delight - and she's eleven!! 

One of the downsides of making small product is that it takes a lot to create a presence. So, since I don't exactly have an inventory, I made 50 pieces - this past week. Yes, 50, fifty, FiFtY, 5-0, and I've been eating, sleeping and dreaming in glitter, paint and wire. I keep finding buttons in the oddest places and have enough gel on my hands to make a salon wrap. And the prednisone, well, that's my crutch of choice, along with caffeine, one I'll have to start trimming back on. Soon.
I made ornaments, light switch cover plates, pins and gift flair. Had business cards and order forms made (thanks to Jeff the photographer/groom and my DH), along with signs and holiday chocolates, which we ate most of:)
It was a good, albeit exhausting experience and I have enough inventory left for two shows next week, a Gallery Hop and open house at Street Scene, the coolest vintage shop in the region. Phew.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful event and your projects look beautiful!

Apple said...

I really like your projects.

Lucy said...

I was wondering where you've been!! Can't believe you did all that in week!! Wowza, and it sounds like you have a perfect assistant! Love the holiday ornaments! I'm hoping to do a show in April but am frightened by the thought of trying to make everything come together in a short period of time!! (knowing me, I'll wait till the last minute)!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a fabulous experience and gorgeous creations! That's an amazing amount of work you accomplished in such a short amount of time (loved your description)!

My Vintage Studio said...

Glad you had a wonderful time! Good luck on your next events.
Your art is gorgeous!
Cheers, Sharon


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