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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Comments? Please?

I'm tucked away in the Altered Attic, on a blustery, chilly, gorgeous fall day, making ornaments... a little crafty project that I hope will help me pay for some art supplies. There was a time when this might have offended me, and I know fine artists who would jump at the chance to be even further validated.
I'm not sure where the line is between art and craft and if mixed media has blurred it - I'd like to know what you think.... 


Karin said...

This is a question for the ages, it seems! When I went through college I got a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree - via the Crafts department, as a 'fiber' major. What does any of it mean?! Artist identity crisis!
Personally, I believe, if we create, we are artists.
If I create things with the intent to sell, it's production work, and craft - when I create purely to express a message from my soul, it's fine art. It it happens to sell, that's a bonus, but the work itself is first, no matter which materials I choose to use to express that work of art.

random notes said...

Dare I even admit that I don't get it?
Maybe it's way too late at night and the peepers are ready to close. Hint hint please.Jane

Anonymous said...

This is a fascinating subject and certainly one to ponder. I use my graphic design education to finance my jewelry design. Very strange, in that the jewelry is what's considered more artistic and yet it feels mass produced. I'm not sure where the line is drawn anymore but as an artist if you're expressing yourself creatively then that's what matters most.

Leslie said...

I agree with the previous comment by Karen-if you create then you're an artist. I have a BFA also, but I don't think it makes my creations any better than those without the designation.

I'm sure there are some artists that need the designation or it somehow makes them feel like more of an artist with it.

For me, it doesn't matter really much. Creativity is expression whether it is craft, sculpture, painting or drawing-as long as the creator gives us something to look at, touch, feel, or listen to-that's all that really matters, right?

Anonymous said...

Love that cartoon. I found it very funny. May I post it on my blog with commentary???


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