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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween ATCs

Halloween isn't here yet, but like most major events, my favorite part is the preparation, whether it's decorating, planning or art projects, like making ATCs for a swap. I made these for my 14 Secrets Swap and I might as well admit, I'm truly a novice when it comes to this cool, inspiring art form - this is my third swap. I love the challenge of working in this size and, like inchies, am amazed by what is possible in such a small space.

Today is cookie decorating day - my daughter and her friend, Maddie, probably with a little help from my son, are going to frost, sprinkle and eat their way through a plate full of sugar cookies; I'm sure it will trigger a wave of sweet nostalgia and a couple dozen photos. 

Another tradition is waiting until 4:00 p.m. on the 31st to buy the first piece of candy. When the kids were little I bought stuff I don't like, but that's getting harder as they have a little more pull in the selections. I'm planning to wear the same costume this year - tired old mom - anyone have a better idea? 



Anonymous said...

Love your work, just gorgeous! Funny I'll be wearing the same costume for Halloween. ;-)

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. All the best ~ Sharon

jane said...

love the white bird piece.
and love the idea of doing halloween ATC's. It's not too late is it?

Karen Mireau, Founder of Bio.Graphia said...

How about dusting off your "Fabulous Mixed Media Artist" costume?

Boo to All of You!



Scottie Magro said...

Love your blog...great art!!!very Fun!

burningwindmill said...

the third image down is scrummy as yummy :-)


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