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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Crafting with Al

It isn't often enough that my daughter, Alice, and I spend time making art together. I needed to make 5 ATCs for a swap and didn't think I had the right 'materials,' so earlier in the week I ordered papers and rub-ons. I had all five cards done by the time my package arrived, so Al and I retrieved a piece of chipboard shelving headed for the trash, covered it with papers (including the Daisy D) and embellished with a pumpkin and pipe cleaners, which aren't the easiest thing in the world to glue. Alice warned me, it has been so long since I've worked with them - I nearly got out the E6000, but Elmer's and waiting/weighting did the trick.
Then we raided my button stash for orange and I made a few stems. My kids are getting a bit old for some of our Halloween decorations but we still have some pretty cool stuff that we can still use, a ghoulish severed head, that sort of thing. So, today will be decorating day.

Several years ago, before we moved to this house, we lived in a similar neighborhood of old bungalows, an eclectic group of people, several other mothers with small kids the same age, many of with whom we are still quite close. We had traditions for every major holiday, including Halloween. We'd gather in my kitchen and our kids, from age 1 - 6, would cover the sugar cookies and themselves with black, purple, orange frosting and loads of sprinkles. Moms and husbands would join in and we'd have some pretty outrageous results. I miss those days.



Sherry said...

Time spent with our children, whatever we are doing is time well spent indeed!! ♥

Ragamuffin Gal said...

You are a wonderful mom - creating life long memories. I really love the button flowers! And the cookie tradition with your old neighborhood - we need to do more things like that to build relationships and more memories! What a fabulous Fall post Patti! Blessings, Katie

Anonymous said...

thank you for visit I will keep you in mind!

Tani said...

I am glad to see your creativity this past week - glad that you could create with Alice, too! As a rough week has passed and I'm gathering my wits and energy for a better one ahead, your knack for finding creativity in the everyday inspires me. Thanks, friend.

Lucy said...

By creating together and doing all the things you do with your daughter, you are creating new traditions and life long memories. I wish I had a neighborhood such as you had at one time. It would be so nice to have a group to do all the holiday stuff with each other's families.

I just made Halloween cookies, purple, orange, white and green with sprinkles this weekend with my boys. I'm still picking up sprinkles...LOL

Leslie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog because it took me to yours. I've spent the past hour reading your front page. I'm inspired and I love your words-so beautiful and passionate and they leave me feeling so blessed.
I hope to get to know you more and thanks so much for sharing!


Bikran said...

how cute.your children must be very proud having a mom like ya :)

Laura Winslow Godsil said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog.Your blog has a very warm feel to it.I loved the short film "The Beckoning of Lovely".Keep up the good worh and have a sunny day----Laura

random notes said...

This happy halloween button bundle is absolutely totally cool. Makes me want to get out the buttons and try it. Great color! love it.


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