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Monday, September 22, 2008

A Princess Weekend

Have you ever seen the movie Elizabethtown? It was very underrated and overlooked by the masses. I, however, own the movie and the soundtrack. Orlando Bloom plays a highly celebrated designer for an athletic shoe that flops and cost him his job and the Oregon company a billion dollars. The night he gets dumped by his boss and his new gal, he learns of his father's death and his need to travel to Kentucky and retrieve the body. Along the way he meets flight attendant Kirstin Dunst, at first an overly helpful, somewhat ditzy but outgoing gal who ends up being the only person to whom he can relate during his stay in Kentucky. At the Brown Hotel.

Have you ever been to the Brown Hotel? If you haven't, Google it and feast your eyes on one of the most gorgeous hotels that wasn't altered for Orlando's stay there, where many of the movie's best scenes are filmed.
And, where my daughter and I recently indulged in a Princess Weekend. We were treated like royalty from the moment the handsome young valet whisked my car away to exploring the basket brimming with goodies on the table in our incredible room - candles, stationery, a hat - a photo of the 1918 Kentucky Derby and a book about the legendary Seabiscuit. 

The bed was Goose down and Egyptian cotton and, though we didn't have a suite like the one in the movie, every detail, from the quality of the wood furniture to the thick bathrobes and  lace curtains, was infused with the kind of luxury that you don't find at the Best Western.

Even the gift shop had an air of glamour, hand crafted jewelry and art, bath and spa and other luxury treats. The hat Alice is wearing cost more than a car payment - but I'm sure if were invited to Millionaire's Row at the Derby we would have been  at ease rubbing elbows with Susan Lucci and Jaclyn Smith.

Our dinner, overseen by a courtly, maitre 'd who also played a bartender in the movie, was four-star, the kind of gourmet restaurant that every eleven year old should visit at least once. In fact, the delicious French chef was delighted to see such a young girl dressed up and dignified. So impressed, in fact, that when we returned to our room, there was a long white china plate decorated with sumptuous, elaborately constructed chocolates, two bottles of Evian and a lovely note handwritten by the chef, inviting us back.

Why a Princess Weekend? The traumas of starting middle school, especially since her friends all attend a different school, a tough ballet schedule, the onset of the hormonal years, drama-infused conflicts and trials... little, if any time together, and well, it just seemed like the thing to do. And it was worth every cent.


Allison said...

You have provided the makings of a memory your daughter will never forget.Perhaps she may even do the same for her daughter one day. What a wonderful story and what a wonderful mother you are. Your daughter is indeed lucky,

cassie said...

What a fun time! I also love, love, love that movie. I own it as well, and have watched it (seriously) about 30 times probably. I some day hope to take a road trip, and make a "map" like the one gifted to him for his journey home. I didn't realize the hotel was a real place. Thank you for the story.

Patti said...

Hi Cassie:
YES, it is a real place and the ambience is so amazing; we watched the movie the night before we left so it was fresh:) and saw where many of the scenes were filmed. A lot of people there were extras and talked about how magical it was being in that movie. Visit if you ever get a chance! and come back soon...

Grace Lee said...

Sounds like a great retreat for you and your daughter.
I watched Elisabethtown this summer. A very magical story, happy and sad.

Lucy said...

I loved that movie! But what I love more so is your experience with your daughter, what a wonderful trip together!! I hope the tradition carries on :)


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