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Friday, September 5, 2008

I've long been a fan of the Quotable product line. I have a journal that says: Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly.  I have a magnet with a Churchill quote: When you're going through hell, keep going. The folks there find some pretty darned compelling quotes, to be sure. 
I was in a fabulously cute boutique/gallery in Louisville this past weekend and walked by the card rack and this one stopped me in my tracks. Fear of failure is the number one wrench thrown into my works all my life. And I don't think I'm alone... to some degree most all of us fear failure, or worse, fear success.
So, I wonder how many of know the heart-answer to this question? And how many of us are actually living / doing whatever it is, regardless of the potential for failure? Of course there is no guarantee. Ever. But, if I'm totally honest, the ideas that float along on the fringes of my mind are going to change my life view - hopefully the way I spend my time each day.
On 37 days, Patti Digh, author of the blog and new book titled Life is a Verb, asks, What would we be doing today if we had 37 days left to live? Another eye opener; and, though this isn't an entirely new concept it is fresher in the world of mixed media and art. I've ordered the book - her favorite book list and mine criss-cross, so I'm sure I'll love her writing and I can't wait to see the work of the artists included on the pages. And, even though I'm 'middle' aged, past the early, planning years, I think I'll spend the weekend pondering, to see how honest I can be.  


Shelley said...

hi Patti--

thanks for leaving me a comment so that i could find your lovely blog!
and thanks for all the inspirational words in this post-- lovely!

MistiRose said...

Oh Pattie how have I missed your blog! I just love it!! I'm adding you to my "must reads." I'm a quote girl too although you will never see them up anywhere in my house and you'll very rarely find them in my art (except for my own). However, you will find them jotted down on bits and pieces of paper all over my desk, and on little binder clip pads of paper I recycle and keep for note pads all over the place around my house. Whenever I see a thought someone else has written that strikes me I stop and write it down! Let me know what you think of your book when you get it. ~Misti

Karin said...

Thanks for sharing your quote and Patti Digh's book and blog with us - I think I may have to order it, too!
I recently listened to Natalie Goldberg's audiobook, Zen Howl, where she and Dosho Port discuss the creative process (writing in particular) and zen practice. In it Natalie describes fear and our inner critic as a kind of guardian for our inner hidden treasures - those gems of potential. She helped me to see the role of fear in a new light - as the keeper of my talent within, which I release along the way, as I achieve the level of courage needed to unlock that specific gem. At least that's what I got from her words! Something shifted in me, with my relationship to my Self and fear - I found a bit of honor and wonder in it's role in my life.
I look forward to your future shared honesty about fear, and the creative ways you explore it.

Lucy said...

I've always loved quotes as a form of inspiration or reflection, some so much, I try to live my life in the vein of their meaning.

The book sounds interesting, definitely something I'd like to read and ponder. 37 days seams so short, especially when I look back at my life and it was yesterday when I was 18....LOL


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