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Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall flowers - Take Time to Enjoy...

This is one of my favorite photos, taken during a heavenly late-September vacation in Vermont, a place where one can easily pause in the midst of sublime beauty. If only I could time travel...

Found the video at the bottom of this post on Sherry's blog, Esprit d' Art, she'd found it on another blogger's site, who'd gotten from another blog... at any rate, it's well worth the watch. How often do we take time out to really think... about what might be going on with people we encounter on a casual basis, whether or not they cause us a delay? One of the benefits of living with chronic illness is moving at a slower pace than many people. Over time, it results in living in the moment, paying more attention to the small stuff and taking in more detail. On a bad day it's like standing on the ground while the rest of the world whirls by on a merry-go-round; no stops, no tickets. Invisible illness becomes invisibility. After three years I've learned to appreciate the many silver linings in this cloud, though the word invisible is key. 
No telling how many times I  pull into a handicapped space (permit hanging on rearview) in a crowded, mega parking lot while at least one driver rolls their eyes, no doubt wondering why a healthy looking person like me could be so rude. 
One of my best friends lost his wife, also my dear friend, a year and a half ago. Their dog who had been a constant bedside companion, was bereft, and my friend could no longer leave the pup alone without incurring major damage. So, he had to take Gracie with him wherever he went. One cool late autumn night, he had the opportunity to see a movie with a friend while Gracie curled in the passenger side floor, with more than adequate ventilation, food and water. For an hour and a half. When he got to his car a vicious note from a 'well-meaning' passerby was stuck to the window, berating him, in detail, for being a negligent pet owner. I still get angry when I think about that. Not long after, the grieving dog had to go live with a friend where she could have playmates and constant attention. 
I wonder how that, um, person, would have felt had he/she known the circumstances, let alone the fact that the dog wasn't compromised in any way. Why can it be so much easier to jab at others instead of dealing with our own pain, complain without thinking, judge instead of shifting perspective, understanding... So thanks, Sherry, hopefully the message won't stop here. 

Speaking of cancer, there is a lot in the media now about supporting breast cancer research.  I just bought a lovely collage from Sherry's Shop for the Cure site, which you can navigate to from her blog. Though I know what it's like to be sick a lot, thankfully I haven't yet encountered the big "C" personally. But, I've been impacted enough to want to be part of the growing movement to ensure that the search for a cure is as exhaustive and intensive as the disease. So, I urge you to do the same - donate, wear a pink pin or bracelet, sponsor a survivor in a 10K, watch for ways to participate during awareness month; be vigilant all year long, have a mammogram and urge your mother/sisters/friends/blog buddies/co-workers to do the same. 
And while you're at it, next time you're in a hurry, slow down for just a minute and enjoy the turning of the season away from the dog days of summer to the colorful, cool autumn nights.  


Sherry said...

What a fabulous post Patti. What it would take to stop, think and imagine to ourselves.."what is that person's story?" before reacting. Everyone has a story and we can never know. This is such a wonderful reminder.

I've sent you a photo of the collage if you want to post it here and thank you so much for your encouraging words about bse's and mammograms...they are vital, they are important and even if they make you "uncomfortable"...a few minutes of discomfort is worth it if it saves your life. Early detection is the key. ♥

Heather said...

what a beautiful photo, and a great point to your post! Sometimes we get so busy its easy to not notice the little-- but important-- things.

I wanted to leave you this link to the organization that put on the conference I attended. Its usually held bi-annually, but well worth it if you're ever in NE Oklahoma the next time around. It is also extremely well priced ($25 for the conference)
Here's the link:

Maryinn Kelly said...

Patti, First to let you know the demo and show went wonderfully and thank you for your comment. And regarding your post, I think we forget that what is in our own hearts has so much in common with all those around us. The whole notion of seeing anything or anyone outside ourselves as "other" is, in my experience, untrue. Judging is easy, and you state a strong case for why we need to learn more of empathy.

artandtea said...

Hi Patti,
Thanks for visiting my blog. Your kind comment was much appreciated!
I enjoyed reading your post and was very moved by the video. How true that so many of us rush through our lives without noticing anything around us and the connection that we all share. Thanks for that wonderful reminder.

MSBABY said...

Your sad puppy dog story should be a reminder that do-gooders are great; so long as they actually do some good and don't just stir things up for reasons related to ego or the need to disturb the luxury of a peaceful moment in another's life.

Now, the lady in the next line at the drive-in bank a minute ago who was driving around holding a laughing, wiggling six month old baby against the steering wheel who was blissfully unaware of the danger her mother was subjecting her to....she deserves reprimand. There is no excuse.

Thanks for the beautiful floral photo and letting me vent. You have a beautiful blog.

Jan from Funny Kids Inspirational Gifts, Toys and Other Fun Stuff

random notes said...

A compelling story to say the least. It definitely makes one think about the "misjudging" that goes on in every day life. A friendly little reminder to "not bite the hook" - a cd that I listen to by Pema Chodron. In other words don't buy into the drama, the gossip, the agitation of every day things... "don't bite the hook".Thanks for the story.


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