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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pulled in too many directions, kids having trouble adjusting to their new school, the dog is sick, my arthritis flaring.... make for a tentative foundation of courage and strength, faith. A couple of weeks in this state is enough for me - hard to focus on keeping the pets fed and getting dinner made, let alone create the art for the swaps I've committed to... experiment with the techniques I've been putting aside forever, finding a deep, sacred space where I can connect the inner self with the universe, filling journal pages with wild abandon.
I found a fabulous blog - an artist who expresses her daily experiences with amazing imagery that is, well, quite enviable. See what you think -  visit Karin at Beyond Words. 
I love to dabble with photographs - find it very calming. Not quite the blank slate the painter approaches, tabula rasa, but an inviting image to explore and get lost in; starting with a perfectly lovely flower in shades of pale pinks and soft greens, I've begun altering it a little at a time, the way I seem to do with everything in life. Find as many variations as possible on the same theme... if I'm successful, I'll post the others, or, maybe get back to the trashy box that's due in the mail this week.... 


Ragamuffin Gal said...

I have been there before too and I am praying for you sweet friend. I love the image so beautiful and peaceful. Blessings, Katie

Linda Lynch said...

The flower image is so lovely. I understand the frustration of having difficulty getting projects and ideas done. Keep thinking about them and it will give you joy and the next thing you know they will be done! I found you through my dear friend Jan Bartlett.


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