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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nothing Could be Finer than a Friend in Carolina...

To be blessed not once, but twice in the same week is manna from heaven. I won't 'repeat' myself by rehashing my big old pity party, but I've alluded to recent traumas with my kids going to middle school, my illness, my aunt's death, more than I'd care to deal with such a short time span. So, winning a drawing held by Lucy, a fabulous artist in North Carolina, was a double dose of goodness indeed.
If you haven't visited Sweet Repeats, go now! Wait, finish reading first. Lucy, Sweet Lucy, truly is the kind of found angel/friend that appears when we are open, eyes and heart, in need or just receptive, to the grace that travels along the universal vibes in bubbles, streams, rays, flickers of hope and goodness. 
To receive a package from her is more than a brightness in the day, it shores up a hurting heart, rises up low spirits and reinforces every good thing in life. When I received the prize I was blown away by the fact that, along with the print, which mirrors my journey so cleverly, there was also an ACEO (see below), a package of goodies and a beautiful mug that states that "My Journey Begins Today." 
I had a yucky day yesterday so I'm glad to begin anew today with Lucy's  support, friendship and kindred spirit karma. She also has such a fabulous playlist:) I often leave her blog open to enjoy the collection she has created! 
What could be finer...

Growth Through Darkness

I realize that the print appears to be the same size as the card, but it's because of my lack of computer saavy... the print is 5" x 7" !!

ACEO - Believe, Receive 


Karin said...

Patti, I love 'Growth through darkness'. There's so much depth and richness to both the content and visual aspects of the piece - very rich. I wish I could touch it!

Marylinn Kelly said...

Patti, August has brought more than its share of startling (to say the least) news for many., how happy to know it has also brought surprises of a more affirming nature. Congratulations on your prize, order is being restored.

random notes said...

Patti, I think that I need to know more about "sweet repeats". This is lovely.

Lucy said...

Thank you so much on the kind and thoughtful words about our friendship. I'm glad your package I sent came at exactly the right time for you:)




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