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Monday, August 18, 2008

Kentucky is not known for cactus, or should I say cacti? cactuses? At any rate, there is a guy who lives in a really cool little house with lots of angles and interesting architecture, which abounds in our historic (old) neighborhood. This guy has a very small garden space but a long narrow stretch of grass across the street from his house is his playground. He makes sure the species and blooming cycles provide year round color, interest and fabulous vibes. 
I decided to play with this photo, as it really is a green cactus, to enhance the beauty he has already offered. Painting and collaging in Photoshop was my first love, before I discovered the world of mixed media, and I like to go back now and then, to play. 
I am ever the novice - if you want to see remarkable photography, visit Elizabeth at  the The Last Door Down the Hall - one look at her banner is evidence of the quality of her work. She also frequently offers free images, many of which I've downloaded for use in projects.
I'm hoping this week will be more succulent than prickly - I'm anxious to get back to work in the Altered Attic; I hope each of you experience an answered prayer, an inkling of something good to come, a visit from the muse, connection with a close friend, the ability to stay grounded in real time - live in the moment!


Anonymous said...

Hi Patti! I absolutely love photoshop! Thanks again for visiting my blog and introducing me to yours ... I'll be back to visit again!

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Patti!
Love this post!
Thanks for sharing.


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