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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vicarious Vacation?

How many of you use Blog Catalog? I listed Altered Attic hoping to widen my circle will widen and sure enough, heard back from my new friend, Collage Contessa, whose blog shows up in the "similar blogs" panel on my BC page. 
If you check out her latest post, you'll see she's been on vacation too! I think I'll invent one, in the hopes that by using a little creativity while traveling through blog-land I can vicariously experience the beach and other cool places. 
No pity parties here though! I got to do the deMeng workshop and DH did an illustration conference in New York a couple of weeks ago, so we've had our share of adventures. Summer at home with two kids, a dog, two cats and a hamster makes for some fairly lively days. Trips to the pool, photo-walks and visiting friends... hey, I just saved on accommodations! Now if I can squeeze in some studio time.
Fortunately the last half-dozen light switch plates I made sold, so I'm working on another batch. I use alcohol ink for the base and get some really unusual colors and marbly patterns. I'd like to hear from others who use alcohol inks - I haven't really run across much in the way of tutorials, it was more of a happy accident. Sometimes ignorance, or should I say, lack of experience, really is bliss.


Contessa Kris said...

Awww. You're such a sweetie to mention my blog on yours! I'm sure yours will end up in my list of blogs I found this week. Love your art. Can't wait to see some new.

Lucy said...

I've just started working with alcohol inks and love them, I love collecting them-but need more uses for them. I did a tutorial a little while ago on my blog and had the girly 'balls' to ask Tim Holtz (who I have a crush to check out and would you believe he emailed me?? I'm swooning over my artistic crush :) LOL I'm framing that email!!!


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