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Friday, June 13, 2008

Lazy Days at the Altered Attic

The Altered Attic has been quiet... it's difficult to mix up a batch of uszzh* in the random, tiny chunks of time I've had to myself, let alone create an altered trading card or other piece of art. Ahhh, summer. Kids. The old routine goes out the door and no new one takes its place. 
I love summer; no more waking to the annoying beep of the alarm clock at 6:30, sweeping my sleepy kids out the door at 7:30, for several more weeks anyway. I feel better when I sleep an extra hour or more and I realize how much of my kids' lives I miss when they're gone all day. It's fun doing the things we don't ever have time for during the school year and not feeling like we're in a hurry.
But I also realize how much entertainment school provides - my daughter misses her friends and I've been hearing "I'm bored" more than I'd like (frankly, once would suffice). They aren't old enough to go off alone, but too old to play with the hose and sidewalk chalk. Most of their neighborhood friends are off at camps and I haven't affixed the taxi sign to the van, yet.
The shift is in progress though, the slower pace has begun to ease its way into their systems and I've been able to get up to the attic, at least long enough to complete the ATCs for the Coffee/Tea ATC swap I hosted. I've only made ATCs one other time and I find them fun but quite challenging. Oh yeah, I need to mail the packages.... oops. Maybe today.
* Michael deMeng's signature color for aging paper and metal and thingies.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog and artwork.I have an autoimmune illness too and ended up here in blogland too!
Denise Hull,Mass.

The Bag Lady's Art said...

thank you for commenting on my blog! I am very excited now that my article is out. It was a looong wait! I can totally relate to summer and it's mixed blessings:-) I see you have worked with Michael deMeng, how awesome that must have been!
Pam Carriker

Summer Gypsy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Patti! I love your ATC's. I'd love to work with the artists that you are getting to meet! Very exciting.


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