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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Art Giveaway

Check out A New Angel, the fabulous piece of art that will be given away by Kristin Hubick at Retro Cafe Art. Click here to get to her site. I put my name in the hat because I'd love to own a piece of her work and I find her inspiring. The giveaway is in honor o the angels, unacknowledged by name, at work in her life. What a way to ensure the circularity of kindness and blessings.


Kristin Hubick said...

What a lovely way to put it! Thank you so much Patti! And oh my I love your blog! Your banner is really cool too!!!
Warm Regards,

Sherry said...

Kris' work is fabulous...and by the way, I'm loving your's awesome!


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