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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wholey Paper and Altered Art

The greatest thing since sliced bread isn't sliced, in this case it's holes. Wholey Paper is available at Random Arts, in Saluda, NC, where I attended the deMeng assemblage workshop. It's  my new favorite coolest altering tool. Yes, it is paper, but I say tool because it stands up to nearly every finish imaginable, from crackle paint to layers of washes; it can be grunged, painted, sprayed, torn, stamped, embellished, used as a stencil, well, you get the idea. On day one of the workshop I found it was just the solution for the book I started; I needed to disguise the holes in the foam board we layered to create a cavernous niche. One of  many challenges. I stained, stamped and ripped Wholey Paper and  layered along with Mica - also way cool. My book project is far from finished - I haven't touched the left side - or the cover -  but I can't wait to get started. I did stock up on Wholey Paper while in Saluda so I'll have plenty to play with.  


random notes said...

you have such a way with words and your description of wholey paper is amazing. It is a great product! Your book is becoming a piece of art with all that you learned from deMeng.
Please keep us all posted on your progress.

Joyce Berger said...

ah, the magic of a MdMeng class... you've described it to a T! Thanks for the T-Shirt you left for me at Jane's, hope I'll be around next time you're in Saluda. Joyce

MT Yokawonis said...

this wholey paper is mentioned enthusiastically by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch in her two books on Encaustic technigues. Also the rusting of papers solution. I've never been a crafter at all I'm an art painter but after I stumbled across journaling last year I've become intrigued by the whole process it's insanely cool.......


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