Patti Edmon Altered Attic: Michael deMeng Assemblage Workshop

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Michael deMeng Assemblage Workshop

After two of the most intense, fun days of workshop, fingers still tacky with Dap and matt medium, evidence of Michael deMeng's signature colors spotting my hands (and, oops, a little on my clothes:), I must say his Assemblage workshop is a most amazing learning experience. I noticed as I worked well outside my 'box' (excuse the pun) how far I was stretching artistically, which isn't always possible in the comfort of one's own studio. Of course, that's what workshops are for; this, however, is my first one. Straight to the top. Studio to deMeng - ha. The Secrets of Rusty Things indeed, and verdigris and copper and burnt paper, and when I  return home I will approach each new project from a radically altered point of view, in terms of technique, perspective and, well, joy.
A warm, witty and very funny man, Michael is the best kind of teacher - so outwardly comfortable in his own skin that if he does have an ego, he doesn't unpack it along with his favorite paints, tubes of goo, power tools and metal stuff. Rather than using formal, technical terms, he has his own vocabulary and, in the way thingy is so descriptive, we were able to spend all our time immersed in process rather than trying to decipher what exactly it was he was trying to convey.
For any of you who have yet to take his workshop, especially in my new favorite place - Saluda, North Carolina - big enough to sell Dap at the hardware store and small enough so that the diner is part of the same building - avail yourself of any and every opportunity. Pictures to come.


Karen Mireau, Founder of Bio.Graphia said...

The intuitive zen nature of assemblage never fails to astound me every time I see it. It's ethereal and poetic, yet connected squarely to the real world with the items that we use in our everyday lives. I like that quality, especially. It's something you start noticing all over the place once it becomes part of your awareness. A stray button, a broken earring, a scrap of velvet . . . all of the leftover pieces of our female selves becomes material for creating a new expression. Patti Edmon's work takes these elements and applies them to things that are profoundly useful -- this is something that really sets her apart from those doing this just for pleasure. Her work is functional as well as gorgeous! This element, in my mind, brings her assemblage to another level. By recycling these otherwise discarded materials, she brings them back into contact with us in a revitalized, reinterpreted way. In essence, it's a type of tactile storytelling, a way to preserve parts of our herstory.

random notes said...

It appears that Karen has all the right words to say about your weekend here at Random Arts. I will be checking in to your blog to see more of your photos and I am so happy that your experience with Michael deMeng was positively fantastic.

Artyfax said...

just popped over from art-e-zine cafe - this whole thing with MdeMeng, assemblage etc has ignited a spark deep down. never tried this branch of art but I will be thinking hard about it over the next few days and weeks. thanks for the inspiration

between the worlds said...

hi patti
the way you summed up michael's class and teaching style is PERFECT- and interesting how you describe having a new POV- that is something i came home with as well.
nice work-


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