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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Altered Art Switch Plates

It's amazing how many household objects are ideal for altered art; if it can be embellished then it's fair game. I've been working on a series of light switch plates - some for consignment and a few custom pieces (yes, yay!) and it's quite habit forming. Vintage, retro, funky, fairy, pick a theme! The Roundup plate is for Jeff Rogers, a commercial and fine art photographer, who also happens to be one of my best buds. Working small also has the advantage of requiring smaller windows of time - I can satisfy the daily need to create whether I have twenty minutes or two hours.  

1 comment:

Summer Gypsy said...

Good Morning,Patti!
Just came in from some planting. Decided to pop in and visit! I love these outlet plates. I know what you mean about putting ourselves out there. Scary but so necessary if we are to continue to grow without frustration!
Happy Sunday solitude!


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