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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Let it Flow, Let it Go

Why is it so hard to sit in the boat with eyes closed and let the water move us forward on our journey? So many times it seems easier to grab paddles and flail away at the current, as though by doing so, we can change our course. God builds the bridge under our feet not in front of us, so faith by walking not by sight. 
I am finding that while making art, when I try to force a style or look, influenced by another artist's work, I wallow in frustration. Only when I feel like I'm channeling, in the state of 'Flow' can I be true to the inner artist with a well of creativity that seems bottomless. I'd recommend reading the Little book of Flow, found on Life2.0, one of my favorite blogs. (see links)
Providence is at work in our lives so much so, that by simply getting out of our own way, we can reach forward and the next door will appear. The universe is like that, all by design, by miracle.

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