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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Keep Rowing and Enjoy the Ride

All I can say after witnessing last night's performance of Stomp, the amazing percussion troupe based in New York, is, well, if you ever have a chance, don't miss it!! The entire event was inspired to say the least.

Speaking of inspired, I'm looking at my supply list for the upcoming Michael deMeng workshop in Saluda, North Carolina, hosted by Random Arts - the delightful, enormously talented kindred art-sisters I was lucky enough to meet during our spring getaway to Saluda (no coincidence btw).
I came away from my time in the store with so many ideas, new techniques and materials, I can't imagine how amazing it will be to get to play there and do a workshop with an artist of deMeng's caliber. Hmmm, Dap Quick Seal Tub and Tile, 5-minute epoxy putty, dremel, wire cutters, mica, waxed paper... this sounds very promising indeed.

I was reminded this morning by my friend Diane, a sage and very funny pastor, that the journey takes place every day. I have to remember that, while I'm totally into process when it comes to making art, I sometimes get in a hurry to peek ahead, see around the next bend. My art life has been one of providence, a profound awakening and after years of paddling upstream, I am in the boat and floating in a state of amazed grace along this river of creative discovery. Instead of trying to chart my course, I've diverting my energy to making art (rowing), while remembering to thank God for His handiwork, for it's certainly no accident that I've been fortunate enough to meet and connect with incredible creative people and encounter opportunities for growth and inspiration.  So while I'm at the hardware store perusing the pastes and putties, I'll try to keep my favorite mantra in position: remain grateful in this moment, keep rowing and enjoy the ride.

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Anonymous said...

See you at the workshop on Saturday! I can't wait!


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